Fresh Ideas in Carpet

We discerningly select the newest carpet styles and trends, bringing you the ones that are sure to last (and won’t break your budget). Here are a few tried-and-true carpet trends that we recommend – they’re smart investments that will pay off in terms of durability, comfort, and style:

Pet-Friendly Floors

Easy to clean, difficult to damage, water resistant: These are the things that pet-friendly carpet is made of. Randy’s Flooring carries crush-resistant, matting-resistant carpet designed to hold up to stains, allergens, foot traffic, snags, odors, spills, and dirt.

SmartStrand (Triexta)

SmartStrand is a durable, premium fiber used for quality residential carpeting. Patented by Mohawk, this material is stain resistant.

Carpet Tile

Easy to transport and fast to install, carpet tile is a popular option in commercial and residential environments for good reason: with low pile height, it can withstand constant foot traffic. Carpet tile also allows you to replace a single tile due to damage or stains, which helps your carpet investment last longer.

Soft Textures

Offered in more than 60 colors, soft-fiber carpets offer a feel that’s softer than traditional carpet. Soft-fiber carpet is also easy to clean: It prevents dirt, spills, and stains from penetrating the fiber. In fact, most stains can often be removed with just water.


Nylon is the most durable and stain resistant carpet fiber available, when treated with stain protection. It is the fiber of choice for homes with pets and children and for those who entertain a lot. Perfect for heavy traffic in hallways and stairs.


Polyester is known for its luxurious look, feel and wonderful selection of colors and styles. It’s a good value for homes with a normal amount of traffic.


Favored for its natural beauty, wool carpet has natural soil resistance qualities, but is not inherently stain resistant. Wool looks good for a long time and is well constructed.


Olefin offers good stain and moisture resistance, but scores below nylon and polyester for wearability. It is best suited for loop pile construction or high, very dense cut piles.

Know exactly what you want?

In a hurry? Looking for a cost-effective carpet for a remodel or renovation? Our stockroom lets you walk in and walk out with the flooring you need that very same day – no waiting for special orders or delivery. Our in-house designers help you achieve the look you want at an affordable price with quick turnaround time. Two weeks out from a major holiday? No problem – our stockroom makes it possible.