Flooring Trends – The Resurgence of Carpet

Flooring Trends – The Resurgence of Carpet

December 7, 2017 – It is no secret that more people these days are installing hard surfaces throughout their homes, many times, in places where carpet was once the primary floor covering of choice; such as living rooms and bedrooms. The reason behind this change in trend stems primarily from a shift in design and the ability to manufacture high-quality, hard surface products that both look great and are affordable. Carpet manufacturers have recognized the current shift in how we cover the floors in our homes and are making big changes in order to earn that business back.

Not All Carpet is Created Equal
The common misconception from consumers when it comes to carpet is that it lacks durability, is easily stainable, and reduces indoor air quality. These notions, along with the demand shift from carpet to hard surfaces, has prompted advances in technology and the ability for carpet manufacturers to create and refine high-quality fibers that can perform as advertised and exceed expectations. Smartstrand by Mohawk and Anso Nylon by Shaw are two premium carpet fibers that are changing the perception of carpet performance. These fibers, along with other comparable nylons, are featuring warranties against all pet stains, texture retention, and excessive wear — even in the busiest areas of our homes. These same fibers are also being constructed from recycled materials and alternatives to petroleum that produce less off-gassing of VOC’s. Most importantly, the products are backing up their claims of durability and stain resistance with proven performance results.

Design Features of Carpet
New manufacturing capabilities are producing many new looks in carpet, constructing patterns made from cut and loop mixes or dye printing unlike anything we have seen. Some examples of these patterns include swirls, chevrons, lattices, plaids, pin dots, and many more. These new products are changing the consumer’s perception that carpet is not simply a background to showcase other furnishings or an inexpensive option to cover a room, but to the possibility that the carpet itself can become a feature for the home with design in mind. Along with paint, carpet can be one of the easiest ways to personalize any room in a home. Its color can be a neutral foundation or a vibrant focal point. Today’s carpet trends take full advantage of new products as well as new thinking about style, while still offering improved performance.

What Hard Surface Cannot Offer You
Carpet is more comfortable, especially considering the quantity of high filament count (think thread counts on a sheet) soft textures that are flooding the market. Carpet is quiet, in fact, carpet has some of the best acoustic qualities of any standard residential building materials. We live on our floors and we play on our floors with our children. Carpet is comfortable to crawl on and is a bit more forgiving when it comes to bumps and bruises during playtime, or in a nursery where the occupant is prone to falls. Carpet provides warmth, both as an insulator and underfoot. Leaving the warmth of bed on a cold winter morning is tough, but can be even worse when your first step is down onto a cold hard floor. Carpet can be beautiful, yet still functional. Textures, patterns, and multi tones are something not found in most hard surface options. Lastly, carpet is by far the most cost-effective floor covering for your home. Even the plushest most durable carpet fibers cost roughly half what many hard surfaces typically do.

The change in trend from carpet to hard surface has created a good thing for the consumer. The carpet industry has been forced to reinvent and innovate out of necessity. The winner in all of this is you, carpet is returning to popularity because new technology allows it to hold up to traffic, stains, and everything that our pets and kids can throw at it much better than the relics of decades past. The new looks and textures are unlike anything we have ever seen.

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