Window Treatments

Blinds, shades, curtains, and shutters are available at Randy’s Flooring to match any room or décor, whether you want them to blend in or stand out. Jewel tones, sheer fabrics, organic materials like bamboo and natural woven shades, metallics, bold patterns, and much more – come see what we have to offer for your windows. Want to create your own window coverings (or create a unique look by matching window coverings and upholstery)? Randy’s Flooring also has a wide variety of fabric styles, patterns, and colors from which to choose.

Wake Up Your Windows

We discerningly select the newest window styles and trends, bringing you the ones that are sure to last (and won’t break your budget). Here are a few tried-and-true window covering trends that we recommend – they’re smart investments that will pay off in terms of durability and style:
Window shutters in Cedar Rapids, IA from Randy's Flooring
Available in many sizes, colors, and configurations, interior shutters offer a classic look for any space. They’re durable and easy to clean, safe for young families due to the lack of strings required to open or shut the shutters, and won’t fade despite constant exposure to sunlight.
Bottom up blinds in North Liberty, IA from Randy's Flooring
Also known as reverse blinds, these window blinds are installed at the base of your windows and roll up to let in daylight without people being able to see what’s happening inside.
Automated shades in Iowa City, IA from Randy's Flooring
Operate custom shades with just a touch of a button, making it easy to finally open and close window coverings that are hard to reach or blocked by furniture. You can even schedule your window coverings to automatically open and close while you’re away.
Window shades in Coralville, IA from Randy's Flooring
Shades are generally made from single panels of fabric or woven wood; you can raise or lower them to achieve the light and privacy levels you want. Shades are available in a number of styles, making them incredibly versatile, and giving you an array of options for your space.
Window blinds in Marion, IA from Randy's Flooring
Blinds are the window treatments that give you the most control over the amount of light in your space. Constructed of horizontal or vertical slats, you can raise/lower horizontal blinds or traverse vertical blinds, as well as rotate the slats, giving you as much or as little view to the outdoors as you want.
Window drapery in Cedar Rapids, IA from Randy's Flooring
Complete your unique look by choosing complementary Side Panels, Drapery and Shades, even additional fabric by the yard and pillows. Drapery pulls double duty as both a decorative and functional window treatment. Finish a look by adding drapery at both sides of a shade-covered window, or use drapery on its own.