Reclaim Your Home: Design Inspiration for Empty Nesters

Reclaim Your Home: Design Inspiration for Empty Nesters

August 31, 2017 – Sending your children off into the real world of college or full-time employment can be a bittersweet moment. After eighteen-plus years of cooking them meals, cleaning up their messes, and providing a roof over their head, it’s natural for the extra time and space in your home to leave you feeling empty on the inside. As sad as it may be to say goodbye, there is much to celebrate about sending your children on their way. One of the best things? Reclaiming your home! Finally, after more than 18 years, you have a spare bedroom that you can make your own. What should you do with this extra space? The possibilities are endless! To get you inspired, we’ve put together a list of 10 unique ways to reclaim your space.

Movie Room
Sure, you can keep your 55-inch flatscreen in your living room. OR you could have an entire room dedicated to movie screenings and binge-watching Netflix. Yeah, we’d go with the movie room too.

Dream Closet
Picture this: walls lined with shelves for shoes, racks for clothes, and drawers to put clothes, jewelry, and accessories in their proper space. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with a whole room to work with, this dream could easily be a reality. Turning your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet is the perfect choice for anyone with an overflowing wardrobe.

Working from home never looked so good. Whether you want an office getaway or a space for managing your personal finances, a home office gives you the peace and quiet that you need.

Sewing/Craft/Art Room
Transitioning into the empty nest life is the perfect opportunity for you to discover—or rediscover—your favorite hobbies. Fuel your talents by claiming an entire room for sewing, painting, gift-wrapping, and DIY projects.

Redesigned Bedroom
Not ready to get rid of the additional bedroom? No worries! Instead of ditching the bed altogether, consider adding your own personal style to the space. Gone are the days of pink-striped walls from your daughter’s childhood.

Reading Nook
What better way to get lost in a novel than in your very own reading nook? All one needs is a stylish shelf to store books, a cozy chair or couch to cuddle up on, and a good book to read.

Home Fitness Center
Memberships to fitness clubs can be expensive and motivating yourself to drive to the local gym can be a drag. Bring the studio to your home by turning your spare bedroom into your very own home fitness center.

Relaxation Room
Whether you’re into yoga, meditation, or just need a few minutes to unplug from the world, a relaxation room is a great way to go. Consider painting the room with simple wall colors and incorporating cozy carpet and a comfortable chair.

Game Room
Pinball, pool, and ping pong… Oh my! Bring all the fun and games to your home with a personal game room. Warning: your friends and family may never want to leave.

Private Bar
Whether you enjoy cracking open a cold one after work or hosting your friends for an evening of fun, adding a private bar is a choice that both you and your friends and family are sure to enjoy.

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