Holiday Planning – Tips for Preparing Your Home to Host the Big Day

Holiday Planning – Tips for Preparing Your Home to Host the Big Day

November 6, 2017 – The cold mornings and shorter days have come. The leaves have changed and the flip flops and beach towels have long since been buried in the closet by coats and sweaters. Now is when the preparation for holiday guests and hosting annual family get-togethers begins. On top of finding the old recipe book and selecting the perfect items for the evening meal, some areas of your home may need a minor facelift to prepare for all of the guests. After all, everyone is coming! Below are 5 ways you can ready your home for the holidays.

This can be an undertaking that may seem like too much to handle in the short time you have before the holidays arrive, but there are some simple steps you can take to make a big difference. A basic system such as picking a room and selecting a dozen items to be thrown away or recycled, another dozen to be donated, and a dozen more to be relocated or returned to the area of your home they are actually supposed to be in is something that can be done quickly and effectively. Another option is to organize an area, such as a closet, that might already have shelves, totes or other organizational systems that are currently underutilized. This process allows you to decided what is worth keeping and what you can do without, while better laying out the storage space you already have. Decluttering is great for getting ready for guests, however it also allows us to think of others. November 28, 2017 is the national day of giving and many great local organizations accept goods and clothing along with monetary gifts. Learn more at or contact your local non-profit organizations.

Update Your Guest Spaces
Minor cosmetic upgrades such as a fresh coat of paint or new draperies can go a long ways towards helping your guests feel welcomed without breaking the bank. Add a pop of color to a neutral bedroom with a unique area rug and some corresponding throw pillows. New carpet may seem like a large undertaking, however a bedroom or small space can typically be replaced in less than a day. New wall décor or family photos can be added to any room and the internet is full of resources to help you with this. Pinterest or Etsy are great sources of inspiration with a wealth of information on DIY décor projects on a budget. These changes will also last long after the holidays have passed and allow you to enjoy these spaces for yourself.

Fresh Seasonal Flowers
Goldenrod, Chrysanthemums, Bluebeard and many other seasonal plants can make for a beautiful dining room centerpiece or can be used to add radiant fall colors to any space. These species typically bloom as the weather begins to turn colder and embody the beauty of fall that can be seen in nature this time of year.  Along with the visual beauty that comes with seasonal flowers, the autumn floral fragrances are welcoming and inviting.  If flowers are not for you, artificial seasonal fragrances or candles can be used to offer the same redolence as the real thing.

Get Your Game Face on for Deep Cleaning
The thought of cleaning the entire house can be overwhelming. So don’t clean your entire house the day before or the morning of the family holiday, break up the task throughout the week prior to your guests arrival. Create your own schedule specific to the needs of your home or follow a template to help guide you through the “deep clean” – – Cleaning Plan

Take a Load Off
Once you get through all or most of the other tips on this list, by that point you are worn out. Whether or not all of your “to-do” list has been checked off, remember to make time for you. After all, these are family and friends showing up to share in the holiday traditions they have all cherished throughout the years, they will love you regardless if the china cabinet never got dusted or the linen closet isn’t organized by towel size and color. Pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up in front of the fireplace, you have taken on the task of hosting the family and you earned it.

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